Friday, 27 April 2012

Gaynor is the WINNER!!!!!!

Me and Gaynor are off to Eton in Sheffield next week to celebrate 25 years in fashion in style!  I'm going to help her blow £1,000 on clothes, then we're off to Creator Hair to get her hair restyled and then Chanel in John Lewis will do her make up before a photo shoot at Venture Photography South Yorkshire.  Lucky Gaynor - we are going to have a lot of fun!

Next week Big John's Ultimate Ear Test starts at 8 o clock.  All I can tell you is it may earn you a lot of money.  Make sure you don't miss it.

I'm scared, I'm going on a hen do this weekend.  We're doing wine tasting and off out on Saturday ...

Lynsey and Owen get married today CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  We caught up with the Bride, Groom and the rest of the family this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you at 6 on Monday.

Love Janine xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Revenge is sweet ...

My little sister got revenge on my this morning.  I'm not repeating it, I'm not talking about it so if you didn't hear it I'm relieved!  The End.

We've now got our 4 official finalists for our Eton competition.  You only have until tomorrow morning to cast your vote to decide who comes on a girly shopping trip with me.  Go to our Facebook page and vote now!  Good luck ladies I'm excited about your pamper session this Monday we're going to have a lot of fun.

This morning Rachel chose James on Date or Ditch.  I'm really looking forward to hearing how they get on tomorrow.  She sounded like a right laugh!

Did you hear Lynsey this morning?  She's getting married tomorrow morning to Owen and they're the winners of out £25,000 wedding.  Listen our for some wedding anthems in School Years tomorrow at 9!



See you in the morning for some weekend partying.  Janine xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

One more sleep till ...

Date or Ditch!  Big John is trying to unite single people in South Yorkshire.  Are you single?  Are you looking for love?  Tomorrow morning one woman will have three men desperately trying to impress her whilst under pressure with a time limit.  Will it be love, will the date go will and will they meet again?  Listen tomorrow at 8 to find out.

I've got a formal apology to make ...
An apology. by BigJohnHallamFM

It's our last finalist tomorrow to win our Eton competition.  Fancy spending £1000, getting your make up done by Chanel and your hair done by Creators?  We'll even do a photo shoot with you looking your best.  You can still register now on our website.

Do you love Steps?  Fancy going to see their final show in Sheffield this Friday!?  Make sure you're listening at 7:30 to win a pair of tickets.

See you at 6 love Janine and the Team xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's Lisa from Steps!

This morning on the Celebrity Yes No Game it was Lisa from Steps!  They're doing their last show this Friday at the Motorpoint Arena and you can win tickets at 7:30 tomorrow morning on Big John @ Breakfast.

Lisa from Steps by BigJohnHallamFM

It's the spelling test tomorrow morning where some little loves will be spelling words for us to guess.  Play along at home - James and I really get it wrong sometimes so you might need to give us a hand.

Every morning this week we have a finalist on for our Eton competition where you could win £1000 to spend in Eton on Division Street in Sheffield.  Then you'll get your hair styled at Creator and you make up done at Chanel in John Lewis.  Register now on the website for you chance to win it's not too late!

See you from 6! xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Only a few days left to nominate yourself!

LADIES I'm urging you to nominate yourself to register for our Eton competition on our website.  The prize is amazing! You get to spend £1000 on designer clothes, get your hair done and get a make over.  As you'll be looking beautiful and glamourous we'll take you off to the studio for a photo shoot!  Me and you will have a girly pamper day.

Tomorrow we'll be surprising Big John with a Celebrity for our 'Celebrity Yes No game!'  Guess along at home and see if you can beat Big John (I'm sure you will he's rubbish at it!)

It's Steps final show this Friday and if you fancy going make sure you listen tomorrow morning at 7:30 to win tickets.

I was so nervous this morning because we got my boyfriend on the show talking to Big John ...

Finally we got Janines boyf on - Big Cook Ben by BigJohnHallamFM

Hopefully he'll leave me alone now!

See you at 6.

Janine xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

The weekend has landed!

Did you hear Date or Ditch this morning?  Danni and Lewis went on a date last night and Danni really fancied him and they swapped numbers.  She also said that 60 seconds IS long enough to find yourself a man.  If you're single and want to enter now for a free date go to

On Monday we'll be chatting to my boyfriend on the radio.  I don't know why but it feels really weird to chat to him on the show.  No doubt Big John will just be taking the mickey out of me the whole time?!

Speaking of Big John he's got the Google Ban over the weekend so can you help him with his questions on Monday?

Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you on Monday morning at 6.

Love Janine x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's Big Cook Little Cook!

So Big John has had a lot of fun there 'outing' me and my boyfriend.  It is in fact Big Cook Little Cook.  So I'm going to answer any questions you may have at this point.  He is good at cooking but I did teach him, he isn't as tidy in real life as he is on the show.  I have made him do the tea towel dance, he doesn't wear an apron around the house and the main question is what is 'Big Cook Little Cook?'  It's a cooking tv show for kids that has appeared on Cbeebies and BBC 2.  Here is a link to it if you want to be nosey

Tomorrow we have our last family ticket to give away for Dancing on Ice.  Can you help Hallamster with his homework question?

Danielle and Lewis go on their date tonight for Date or Ditch.  Will it be real lurrrvvvvveeeeeee?  Find out tomorrow at 8.

AND don't forget to register now on our webiste to have the ULTIMATE pampering experience with Eton.  £1,000 to spend at Eton, a new hair do, your make up done and a photo shoot!  Me and you will be going on a proper girly day.

See you at 6.

Janine x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

But seriously who is it ... !?

It's a rollover for the stragest competition I've ever heard of 'Which TV presenter is Janine going out with?' It's not Dick from Dick or Dom, it's not Steve Backshaw and it's not Mark from Sam and Mark.  Please somebody guess it and put me out of my misery .....

Round 2 Which kids TV presenter is Janine going out with by BigJohnHallamFM

Tomorrow we all get very giddy just before 8 o clock as it's Date or Ditch!!!!  One woman gets to choose from 3 men all trying their best to please her with only 60 seconds between the three of them.  if she still hasn't spoken to man number three but has ditched the first and the second man then she HAS to go on a date with man number 3.

Listen out tomorrow for how you and me could be going on a £1,000 shopping spree at Eton.  We'll also doll you up with a brand new haircut, your make up done AND a photo shoot.

See you in the morning from 6.

Janine xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So who is it?

I honestly don't see why anyone would want to know who my boyfriend is but that's the game we played this morning!  He's a kids tv presenter and all I'm allowed to tell you is that it isn't Stephen Mulhern, Sam from Sam & Mark or the Chuckle brothers!  Listen after 8 tomorrow morning for another game - there's some goodies in it for you if you get the right guess.

Which KIDS TV presenter is Janine Dating by BigJohnHallamFM

Tomorrow morning we'll have the Spelling Test with our school of the week is Darfield Upperwood Primary School in Barnsley.  Guess along at 8 o clock and see if you can help Producer James & I out.

Ladies how do you fancy me and you going for a shopping trip and spending £1,000 at Eton?!  They have some amazing designer names like Mulberry, Vivienne Westood & See by Chloe.  Then we'll go to the salon and get your hair done.  All you have to do to win is register your details on our website and we'll be choosing a deserving winner next week.

See you in the morning at 6!

Janine x

Monday, 16 April 2012

The crew are re-united!

Big John, Producer James & Hallamster are back from their Easter break and I think Hallamster has put a bit of weight on - too many Easter Eggs.

Tomorrow morning we will have a celebrity on the line at 8 o clock and Big John has to guess who it is on our 'Celebrity Yes No Game!' by BigJohnHallamFM

Ladies are you always putting the kids before you?  When was the last time you actually treated yourself?  We've got together with Eton and we want to spoil you with a £1000 makeover.  I'll be coming with you to help you choose and then we'll go to the hair salon and get you even more pampered!

Don't forget to help Hallamster with his homework in the morning.  If you get it right you could be going to Dancing on Ice next Thursday night at the Motorpoint Arena!

See you in morning.

Janine x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

We passed but he beat me!!!!

So we both scored the same amount of points on our driving test but Big John beat me (only by a smidgen obviously!)  I was gutted but at leats now I can drive the company cars, I was so pleased I left the show early and took one around the block!  Thanks to Lookers for lending us a car and to Bill Plant for lending us Rob to observe our 'amazing' driving skills.

After the Easter School holidays we have an amazing competition with Eton.  One lucky listener will get a make over and I'll be coming shopping with you for the day.  They'll also be chances to win designer handbags.

Big John and Producer James are off for the week now.  I'll be in tomorrow at 10am (I've got a lie in for passing my test!)  I'll also be joining Lloydie for breakfast from next Tuesday. 

See you in the morning.

Janine x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Woooooo hoooooo 4 points!

So yesterday Big John beat me by a point and luckily today I beat him by one with my reverse park!  So currently we're on 9 points each and tomorrow we find out who beat who in the driving test!  I feel so nervous when we're getting the results and this morning I yelped with excitement.

Date or Ditch this morning was slightly different.  We had Matt from Donny on from Take Me Out on ITV.  he chose Laura and they're off on their date tonight.  Listen at 8 tomorrow morning to find out how they got on.

Hallamster's back in the morning with tickets to see the Chuckle Brothers in Rotherham at two tomorrow afternoon.

See you tomorrow at 6.

Janine xx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

To me to you ...

This morning we had the Chuckle Brothers on!  I LOVED watching them when I was little.  Win tickets to see them in Rotherham all this week with Hallamster just after 7:30.

I tried not to show it this morning but I'm absolutely gutted that John beat me by a point in his 3 point turn.  I was looking in the mirrors I promise!  Oh well, hopefully he'll drop a point tomorrow.  If I don't beat him then I won't be allowed to use the company cars :(.

Putting the GREAT into Wednesday by BigJohnHallamFM

It's a special edition of Date or Ditch tomorrow!  Matt from Doncaster was on Take Me Out the past 2 Saturdays and he'll be choosing from three gorgeous girls tomorrow morning at 8 - don't miss it!!

See you tomorrow at 6.

Janine xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Driving Test Results - gulp!

So this morning we found out we're being given our driving test results slowly and painfully day by day.  If I'm honest I'm a bit annoyed because John and I scored the same amout of points for our emergency stop even though his phone was ringing grrrr.  So find I'll find out tomorrow how many points I got for one of our other manoeuvres last week - eeek.

Driving Test - The latest. by BigJohnHallamFM

This week we're giving away full tanks of fuel every hour!  Listen out for the question Big John sets tomorrow and be in for a chance of winning tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning we have a celebrity lined up for our 'Celebrity Yes No Game.'  Big John is against the clock so see if you can guess along at 8 o clock with us.

See you tomorrow from 6!

Janine xxx